X-Avenger – Venus EP
X-Avenger – Venus EP
  • Release Date: 2013-12-13
$ 3.00


Roby , X-avenger , Z-cat

Fernando Ventura has been producing Psy trance since the early 2000’s. Hailing from crazy punkadelic México, his sound has been tempered in the scalding magma that is the Mexican Psy trance scene. His first experience with the genre was during the turn of the millennium. Needless to say he was addicted from the first beat and X-Avenger was born. In keeping with the brutal nature of the Mexican influence, X-Avenger can be described as an electro-chemically charged dose of laser like leads, shredding percussion and energetic melodies. Having produced deadly collaborations with sonic serial killers such as Stereopanic, D.N.I and Panayota, X-Avenger has concretized his spot on the podium of power psy.

He returns from his pan-galactic voyage to bring us a two-track energizer EP titled Venus, a double barrel shotgun blast to the senses. Contained are alien specimens genetically designed to infest your eardrums and populate your frontal lobes. Corroborating the manipulation are two massive artists Roby, and Z-cat who contribute their skills to produce two filthy numbers.

Kaos Krew Records in association with X-Avenger, is proud to present the label’s 35th digital label release, X-Avenger – Venus EP. A hyper-thrusting, supernova of an EP that is sure to have cataclysmic results on interplanetary dance floors.

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