VA – Mexican Connection
VA – Mexican Connection
  • Release Date: 2014-11-21
$ 4.50


Drystortion , Militant , Thoruswrath , Kinetik Noise

This EP celebrates the young talent that has reared up over the last few years in Mexico. Drystortion, Kinetik Noise & Thoruswrath are a part of Kaos Krew Records signings in 2014, and in the spirit of celebration, the guys at HQ decided to showcase their talents in a unique and refreshing way, collaborating with one of the label managers at KKR HQ, Militant, who himself is one of the new wave of producers in SA, after DJ’ing for almost a decade before that. The mastering process has been completed by another young gun in Mexico, Roby, who himself has made a massive impact in the incredibly fast growing Mexican Psy Trance scene.

Together they have concocted powerful and driving music meant for utter and complete dance floor destruction, with block rocking bass lines, searing leads, spacy melodic and FX elements, all packaged with absolute precision. With this EP we give you a little look into the future, showcasing the talent that will be rocking the dance floors in the years to come. So, we invite you to get warped into the future, to be twisted mentally and physically… Are you ready for the “Mexican Connection”?

Kaos Krew Records in association with Drystortion, Kinetik Noise & Thoruswrath, is proud to present this showcase EP & the label’s 54th digital release, VA – Mexican Connection EP.

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