VA – Evolution Of Knowledge compiled by Neurotic Cell
VA – Evolution Of Knowledge compiled by Neurotic Cell
  • Release Date: 2017-01-13
$ 10.00

There is a theory, Evolutionary Epistemology, that correlates the concept of biological evolution to the growth of human knowledge, and argues that units of knowledge themselves, particularly scientific theories, evolve according to some form of natural selection. A theory becomes more or less credible according to changes in the body of knowledge surrounding it.

One of the hallmarks of evolutionary epistemology is the notion that empirical testing alone does not justify the authentic value of any scientific theory, but rather that social and methodological processes select those theories with the closest “fit” to a given scenario. The mere fact that a theory has survived the most rigorous empirical tests available does not, in the calculus of universal probability, predict its ability to survive future testing. All proven theories are essentially true, albeit only provisionally, regardless of the degree of empirical testing they have survived.

Within this, we find a synthesis that provides a basis of enigmatic music cognition, the evolution of the mind and consciousness, to the preservation and future development of knowledge and the natural instincts to the refinement of music. A showcase featuring various paradigms of experimental approaches to this full on sound and the evolution of psychedelic music.

Kaos Krew Records in association with Neurotic Cell, is proud to present his brand new VA & the label’s 72nd digital release, VA – Evolution Of Knowledge. Stay tuned for this digital release available from selected online music stores on 13th Jan 2017. Distributed By Symphonic Distribution –

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