Alienn – Unlimited Force EP
Alienn – Unlimited Force EP
  • Release Date: 2012-09-28
$ 2.00

Alienn – Unlimited Force EP

Patrick Ferreira, 23 years old, was born in Switzerland and moved to Portugal when he was 6 years old. He started DJ’ing when he was only 14 years old, mixing House and Techno, until he discovered Psy Trance a year after, and promptly started to dedicate himself to this new exciting music style. Soon after he started playing every Saturday at the Via Lactea Club. Getting more into the scene, he decided to organize indoor and outdoor parties as well, presenting national and international performances in Portugal. In 2007 he started dedicating himself to Psychedelic Trance production. The 1st album “Alienn – Cosmic Matter” was released in 2009, and the first EP “Alienn – One” in November 2011 on Hypergate Records. A number of his tracks have also been released on compilations worldwide.

As human beings we have unlimited power, knowledge, potential for growth and learning, if we so choose it. Our current level of soul evolution within a physical incarnation can choose to transform, evolve, and ascend to a higher frequency of the physical incarnation of the light body. We create our own reality through our mind’s eye. This momentous elevation in human consciousness could not take place without the interaction of shifting energy throughout the galaxy and dimensions of the universe. These movements of light, information, consciousness, and energy are being coordinated by the Divine. The are many variations of understanding humanity on earth as a kind of experiment to bring the highest of the infinite within the most dense frequency of matter, like tapping into some kind of unlimited force…

Kaos Krew Records is proud to present their 11th digital release: Alienn – Unlimited Force EP.

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