Algorhythm – The Unified Field EP
Algorhythm – The Unified Field EP
  • Release Date: 2013-03-22
$ 4.50

Algorhythm – The Unified Field EP

Previous scientific explanations have shown that it is the access to the fundamental quantum-mechanical level of nature’s functioning and the utilization of the principle of the field theory that makes it possible to create coherence and harmony within a system. The unified field theory allows all that is usually thought of as fundamental forces and elementary particles to be written in terms of a single field. One such adaptation of this, can be seen in the articulate music production of Algorhythm and their attempt to explain the physical constants of nature through music, with their second EP, The Unified Field.

This talented duo from Porto, Portugal, consisting of Pedro Pinto (Thrillseeker) and Hugo Costa (DJ Fully) started their journey into the creation of their own sound in 2009 as a trio and released a few single tracks on compilations and a debut EP – Strange Signal on Kaos Krew Records prior to becoming a two man team. Their previous work can only be described as high energy soundscapes, with evolving atmospheres and searing melodies.

Staying true to the nature of the project in music design principles and that of their concepts and ideas, the Unified Field EP encapsulates the pure essence of psychedelic trance. Much like the basic qualities of the unified field, Algorhythm’s intelligence, dynamism and awareness are evident in their subliminal production techniques. With that being said, prepare to have your inner consciousness physiologically aroused…

Kaos Krew Records in association with ALGORHYTHM, is proud to present their 21st digital release, Algorhythm – The Unified Field EP.

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