Tryon – The Source EP
  • Release Date: 2012-10-26
$ 3.00


Digital Talk , Tryon , Mindcore ,

Tryon is Telmo Pereira from Portugal. In the middle of 2000, he had his first contact with the Psy trance scene and started to make his first experiments with electronic music, and after playing guitar and working with groove-box in 2006 he started his own project under the name Tryon. Nowadays he is one of the core Hypergate Records artists. His sound is characterized by intense powerful kicks and bass-lines, mixed up with hypnotic multi-layered leads. The result is a strongly build up track with a deep powerful rhythm section and an extravagant composition of the tracks itself, which show the results of a proper musical education.

His music is unique where only a few other big names like Absolum (3D Vision) and Concept (3DV/Mind Funk) come to mind. He has already performed in countries like Japan, Israel, Germany, France, England, Switserland, Austria & Portugal, with many international artists such as Absolum, Abomination, Concept, Prism, Khopat, Menog, Tryambaka, Phonic Request, Sidhartha, Digital Talk, Ace Ventura, Braincell, Parahalu, Principles of Flight, Krunch, Time Twisters and many more.

Source Energy, believed by many to be one of the most important forms of energy in this current era that we exist in, considered the very basis of creation of our own and other’s realities. Through embodying and stepping into the realization that we are all one and this is an abundant universe, we unlock a very power part of our existences here on this planet in this timeline. We believe there is always enough. Enough that we can share our gifts, talents and resources openly and freely. In this paradigm, everyone is provided for and no one has to go without… Through this EP, Tryon delves into this concept from a musical perspective and aims to create his own psychedelic reality, one containing power, vision, intensity and that all important psychedelic groove…

Kaos Krew Records is proud to present their 13th digital release: Tryon – The Source EP.

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