Synapse – Shades Of Darkness EP
Synapse – Shades Of Darkness EP
  • Release Date: 2016-09-16
$ 4.00

Night time psychedelic music has come in many forms, styles and bpm ranges over the years, in many shades as a manner of speaking… Ultimately revealing the many and detailed intricacies and nuances of this amazing sub-genre of psychedelic music, one with it’s roots in a number of very particular countries and places over the years, including Portugal, the home country of Synapse.

Like so many before him in his place of birth, Synapse presents to us his sublime interpretation of this music, a darker, disturbingly sinister and mysterious angle interlaced with even eerier melodies, something that reminds us of darker days or some kind of epoch looming in the not too distant future…

José Rafael Fernandes Crespo is the mastermind behind the Synapse project, one that was started 8 years ago. He has since the beginning wanted to explore new ideas and realms of this powerful night time sound.

Inspired and influenced by artists like Antispin and Scorb, and some of the great South African artists from the past 10 years, Synapse promises to deliver an atomic burst of heavy artillery, brain busting beats combined with sinister and emotive harmonies and other melodic elements, all masterfully layered with some electrifying psychedelic fx, a contagion that will set night time dance floors ablaze!!!

Featuring 2 blistering original tracks and a massive remix of Sub-Zero’s huge dance floor classic, Antichristvs, this EP is not to be missed…

Kaos Krew Records in association with Synapse, is proud to present his debut EP & the label’s 70th digital release, Synapse – Shades Of Darkness EP. Stay tuned for this digital release available from selected online music stores on 16th Sept 2016. Distributed By Symphonic Distribution –

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