Algorhythm – Strange Signal EP
Algorhythm – Strange Signal EP
  • Release Date: 2012-06-01
$ 3.00

“An algorhythm is an effective method expressed as a finite list of defined instructions for calculating a function. The instructions describe a computation that, when executed, will proceed through a finite number of defined successive states, eventually producing output and terminating at a final ending state.” This release showcases the precision that is the music of Algorhythm. Kaos Krew Records is proud to present their fourth release: Algorhythm – Strange Signal EP.

Having released their debut single on VA – Secret Transmissions compiled by legendary female DJ Ganeisha and a single on Kaos Krew Records debut release VA – Pandora, they are now ready to blast us with a very special offering to the psychedelic hordes. This is the debut EP release by this talented trio from Porto, Portugal. Consisting of Pedro Pinto, Hugo Costa & Joao Pessoa, these individuals have a very unique sound, that can only be described as high energy, creative sound scapes, with evolving atmospheres and searing melodies that will pierce your inner consciousness… Combine that with subliminal production techniques, a powerful rhythm and strong bass lines, you have an electrifying journey through psychedelic expression. Stay tuned… To trip algorhythmically!!!

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