Painn – Spiritual Awareness EP
Painn – Spiritual Awareness EP
  • Release Date: 2013-02-08
$ 4.50

Painn – Spiritual Awareness EP

Painn is Sergio Piña Alberto Padilla, a young talented producer from Cd Juarez (Mexico) born in 1990. Alberto discovered psychedelic trance in 2004 going to parties, and it goes without saying that it grabbed his attention completely. After 3 years of serious listening and trying to gain a deep understanding of psychedelia, he decided to start making his own music.

Evolving on his own within his music, the style that characterizes his sound can be understood as a combination of powerful basslines, twisted and raw leads, overlaid by sequences full of energy, that will give you a spine tingling experience full of power. Now only 22 years old, and being quickly accepted by global dancefloors as one of the new and fresh Mexican projects, Painn presents his 2nd EP giving us all a small demonstration of what he plans to do for the future, and further cementing his place amongst the global producer community…

This EP is a story of personal exploration, growth and understanding. Through his collective efforts over a few years perfecting his sound, Alberto has gone through an awakening, specifically where his music is concerned, but also on many other levels, mentally, emotionally and ultimately spiritually. He attempts to project this journey through 3 powerfully written tracks, all with one single minded purpose, to create an atmosphere condusive to powerful dance & intense sounds designed to take your mind to another realm of consciousness.

In this new era of human consciousness, are you ready for this spiritual awakening, perpetuated through these fresh and sublimely powerful sounds. Kaos Krew Records in association with PAINN is proud to present their 19th digital release: Painn – Spiritual Awareness EP.

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