Brain Driver – Satellite Of Kaos EP
Brain Driver – Satellite Of Kaos EP
  • Release Date: 2012-09-14
$ 2.00


Brain Driver , Jaws Underground

Brain Driver – Satellite Of Kaos EP

Sylvain Cornut aka Brain Driver found out about electronic music in 1995 with his first rave in the south of France. Very quickly attracted by this world, he started attending many parties, and bought his first turntables in 1997. Not long after he starts playing @ free parties and night bars until 2001, and also decided to start creating his own music under various aliases. 2004 was the year of his first Psy Trance party and there, a musical revelation struck him, and since this day, this music and her power have definitely changed his life. In 2006, his Psy Trance project “Brain Driver” was born.

Always pushing boundaries and expressing his need for creating fresh music, he has taken a slightly different approach to this new EP. Combining many different influences through the years, he has created a delectable fusion of styles, yet still maintaining that signature Brain Driver sound. Containing one original production along with a collaboration with good friend Jaws Underground, he presents us with two fresh new bombs intended for the early morning stomping sessions at many a psychedelic gathering.

Kaos Krew Records is proud to present their 10th digital release: Brain Driver – Satellite Of Kaos EP…

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