X-Avenger – Remixes Compilation EP
X-Avenger – Remixes Compilation EP
  • Release Date: 2013-06-28
$ 9.00


X-avenger , Bud Buster , System Sequence , Gambit , Algorhythm , Exodus Psy , Roby , Drystortion Vs Dyaus , Meditactive

X-Avenger – Remixes Compilation EP

X-Avenger has become one of Mexico’s finest psychedelic trance exports over the last 5 years and rightly so, with high energy full on productions smashing festivals during the peak night time hours the world over. In the beginning of 2013 he decided to create an opportunity for other promising producers to truly showcase their sound to a global community via his native record label, and this is now the product of that venture…

In collaboration with Kaos Krew Records they unearthed some great talents amongst the many good ones there currently are on the ever expanding global scene. Featuring remixes by Gambit, Exodus, Roby, Drystortion Vs Dyaus, MeditActive, and finally a psychedelic smasher by label stalwarts Algorhythm to complete this 6 track beast.

Kaos Krew Records in association with X-Avenger, is proud to present his 1st Remix compilation and the label’s 28th digital label release, X-Avenger – Remixes Compilation.

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