Outer Signal & Psychotic Micro – Psychotic Signal EP
Outer Signal & Psychotic Micro – Psychotic Signal EP
  • Release Date: 2013-10-04
$ 4.50


Psychotic Micro , Outer Signal

Outer Signal & Psychotic Micro – Psychotic Signal EP

Outer Signal is Gil Stolar, an Israeli full-on maestro and arguably one of the best full-on producers this side of the cosmos. His love affair with Psy Trance began in 2003 when he travelled to Goa, the mecca of any dance floor pilgrim! In 2009 the Outer Signal brand of full on exploded with their debut release, Fabric of Space, on label giant 3D Vision Records. Since then Gil has engineered beats and crafted a resume that has manifested collaborations with names such as B-55, Dapanji, Absolum, Concept, Z3ro, Shameless, and Bliss just to name a few. His signature style has been heard on dance floors in Mexico, Japan, Portugal and South Africa bringing audiences a unique blend of full-on craziness and grooving arrangements suitable for any time of day!

His latest venture sees him join forces with the pioneer – Psychotic Micro or Micky Lellouche as he is named when he is not plugged into the mainframe of psychedelia. Psychotic Micro returns from his sonic sabbatical to energize the atmosphere with his signature rawness and fine-tuned experimental sounds. The legend of this artist precedes him as “Psycho Micro” began his career during the glory days at the turn of the Millennium. Since 2000 he has played alongside some of the greatest names the genre has ever spawned, as well as being signed to every possible major label such as Chemical Crew, Noize Conspiracy, Yabai, Acidance and a string of others. His peers have labelled him, as one of the true pioneers of Psy Trance, coming from a planet the crazy Isr-aliens call home, this title does not come easily.

Kaos Krew Records is happy to announce the genetic hybridization of these two phenoms, to form Psychotic Signal. A three track EP that is sure to transmit madness throughout the airwaves and manipulate frequencies on any dance floor! This release is a delirium-inducing dose of raw, full on power with fresh surprises that will leave the listener frothing after every synth, grooving out to every melody and grinning with every bass kick…

Kaos Krew Records in association with Outer Signal & Psychotic Micro, is proud to present their blistering new venture and the label’s 33rd digital label release, Outer Signal Vs Psychotic Micro – Psychotic Signal.

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