Brainwash – Psychological War EP
Brainwash – Psychological War EP
  • Release Date: 2012-05-18
$ 2.00

Are you ready to get Brainwashed again? This time it is Psychological War. Perception may be ever changing but music is eternal. Get ready for the Final Battle. Kaos Krew Records presents their third release: Brainwash – Psychological War EP.

With an album to his name, and a host of releases on various other compilations as well as an EP recently released on Fractal Records titled Musical Experience, Marco Pinto (Brainwash) of Portugal, is no stranger to the world of Twilight Psychedelic Trance. His second EP offering, titled Psychological War, is bound to send your mind into psychosis and your body into a psychedelic fit, with hard-hitting bass lines and twisty synth-etics…

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