D.N.I & Friends – Psycho Killers EP
D.N.I & Friends – Psycho Killers EP
  • Release Date: 2014-03-14
$ 6.00


D.N.I , H1N1 , Painn , X-avenger , System Sequence

DNI has been in the business of psychedelic terrorism for quite some time. The Brazilian beat buster, Adolfo Usier, is not new to the scene but never ceases to blow audiences away with every release.

This time around it’s full on audible genocide!!! D.N.I and his team of misfits are slashing boundaries and dismembering all of those that stand in their way… Kaos Krew is trembling with sadistic pleasure to bring an EP that will turn you into a sociopathic synth fiend, a four track pathogenic festival of full on Psy trance titled D.N.I & Friends – Psycho Killers. D.N.I’s team of maniacal mercenaries include none other than H1N1, Painn, System Sequence and X-avenger, all of which are already global killers. Get ready for a fast paced tour through the corridors of an asylum where the euphoric screams of victims are drowned out by delicious bass lines and gut busting leads. Never before has defilement been this enjoyable!!!

Kaos Krew Records in association with D.N.I, is proud to present the label’s 41st digital label release, D.N.I & Friends – Psycho Killers EP.

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