Priest – First Light EP
Priest – First Light EP
  • Release Date: 2017-08-04
$ 4.00

This young producer spent his first few years of ‘trancing’ simply enjoying the music, embracing the lifestyle and studying the true essence of this phenomenal way of life. One could say that he had seen the proverbial light.

Ultimately music could be a great tool to help bring about major shifts in consciousness within society…

Early March of 2015 saw the ordination of the Psy trance artist we now know as Priest; and even though the title has been his nickname for all of his adult life, this was the birth of someone and something completely new. The moniker itself is by no means religiously binding, but at the same time it is not merely a baseless gimmick that sounds cool. No; what you get when you encounter Priest is a young man, pure of heart, teaching without even preaching a word, and using his own life as an example to spread his message: Live as clean a life as you possibly can.

His music has been described by many as ‘authentic, playful and clever’, as well as ‘innovative, groovy and psychedelic’ by others, the culmination of dedication, passion and love. This EP ultimately describes his journey of awareness, first seeking something special and true… Then ultimately leading to the discovery of deeper levels of life and understanding, only to be blown away by the existence of something this amazing and having the opportunity to be a part of it…

Kaos Krew Records, in association with Priest, is proud to present his 2nd artist EP & the label’s 74th digital release. Stay tuned for this digital release available from selected online music stores on 4th Aug 2017.

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