Algorhythm – Pangeia EP
Algorhythm – Pangeia EP
  • Release Date: 2014-04-25
$ 4.50


Algorhythm , Brainbasher ,

The duo from Portugal, Hugo and Pedro combining forces as Algorhythm return to bring us their new scorching masterpiece, Pangeia, their 3rd artist EP on Kaos Krew Records.

Since the duo’s explosive burst onto the scene they have seared their signature sounds into the cortexes of many a Psy Trance fan. This EP is no different, bringing together ingredients that once thrown together, become a Molotov cocktail packed with powerful twisting bass lines, precision percussion and technically crafted leads. Fueled by intense melodies and pitch perfect atmospheres the musical landscape of their sound is beautifully created and guarantees dance floors one hell of a trip into sonic utopia!!!

Be prepared for a high-octane listening experience containing a new original track, a Vs with the up & coming talent from Portugal, Brainbasher, and a gem of a remix of a track released on their debut EP, one that will move you through a twisting transcendence of musical realms. With this much power & melody, this EP is just begging to be blasted shamelessly into the airwaves…

Kaos Krew Records in association with Algorhythm, is proud to present the label’s 44th digital label release, Algorhythm – Pangeia EP.

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