Psycho System – Outbreak In Time EP
Psycho System – Outbreak In Time EP
  • Release Date: 2013-04-19
$ 4.50


Psycho System , CtrlZ3ta

Psycho System – Outbreak In Time EP

PSYCHO SYSTEM, began his musical experience back in 94 when he became interested in electronic music thanks to the old trackers using a Commodore and a midi keyboard. He is a self-taught producer with a great ear for music. In the early days he focused on styles like house and techno and moved on to the trance styles of that era, where he truly began to develop his skills. In 96 he started the project “X-perience”, a LIVE act that played at various festivals in the area of Málaga (Spain), as well as one of the festivals of the collective Satisfaxion. In 97 he created the project “MorphoSys”, a LIVE project that was exclusively used at private parties.

Through the early years of the 21st century he focused on styles like acid and goa trance until he discovered new variants like hi tek and full on psy trance. This prompted him to start the project “Psycho System”, originally with Skano in 2011. Today he is part of the psy trance label Indigenous Dancer Records while also releasing tracks on Woorpz records and Free Mind Records, in addition to collaborations with several producers known as X-side, Undelete, Skyenid, Konnector, Ctrlz3ta and others.

Time travel has long been a thing of science fiction, fantasies, philosophers and various scientists, most of them believing in the physical nature of time travel, and according to relativity theory, there are two ways to travel into the future using time dilation — either by moving at high speed or by taking advantage of the presence of an intense gravitational field. In addition to time dilation due to high speed there is time dilation due to being in the presence of a gravitation field; this is called gravitational time dilation.

This EP contains 3 high energy tracks designed to show you his progression through his own time dilation field, showcasing his goa and techno roots of the early 90’s, propelling you into a futuristic egdy sound made for the dance floors of the 21st century… Kaos Krew Records in association with PSYCHO SYSTEM, is proud to present his 1st artist EP and their 25th digital release, Psycho System – Outbreak In Time EP.

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