Dissy – Open Fire EP
Dissy – Open Fire EP
  • Release Date: 2012-07-20
$ 3.00


Dissy , R.E.L

DISSY is the solo project by Oren Shavit (aka Nature Disaster), only 28, but an experienced musician who can play a wide selection of musical instruments including guitar and keyboard. Having released numerous singles on VA’s, an artist album under his Nature Disaster guise, two EP’s under his solo act already in 2012, he follows it up with a new dance floor dominator courtesy of Kaos Krew Records.

Open Fire, is a term used in the Military when an instruction is given to attack, which always results in mass destruction! With the intent of opening fire on the dance-floor, DISSY carefully packaged each track with enough firepower to blast a dance-floor into oblivion and cause mass psychedelic destruction.

Kaos Krew Records brings you a powerfully packaged EP, starting with a special remix of Open Fire and 2 fresh dance-floor weapons, Out Of Your Mind and Get Ready to Fly. You are guaranteed to be ready for the battlefield of Psychedelic Full-On Madness. DISSY in collaboration with Kaos Krew Records presents you DISSY – OPEN FIRE EP…

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