VA – Nights Of The Psychedelic Order
VA – Nights Of The Psychedelic Order
  • Release Date: 2012-08-10
$ 10.00


Panayota , Magneto , X-avenger , Chimera , Shameless , Technodrome , Stereopanic , Electricube , Iliuchina

VA – Nights Of The Psychedelic Order

The knights of the round table is a LEGEND that has been ingrained in many people’s memories, due to it’s absolutely EPIC nature. Now this scenario is set in a modern timeline, with some of Israel’s (and a Mexican or 2) finest psychedelic twilight artists collaborating to bring you a 9 track jaw dropping VA that is set to blow your mind, and destroy dance floors worldwide… This all against the backdrop of the local Israeli scene becoming more and more progressive as the years go by, dominated by names that we all are aware of… These artists still apply their trade with sublime intent even though their opportunities are becoming more limited by the day.

We at Kaos Krew Records HQ decided to showcase this talent in a country that is known for it’s harder edgier brand of psychedelics, and Bodi Sarfati aka Panayota was commissioned to spearhead the compilation of this VA. Known for his extreme and intense brand of psychedelic music, combined with a passion for the psychedelic scene that is hard to match, he has come up trumps with blistering dance floor weaponry from Magneto, X-Avenger, Chimera, Shameless, Technodrome, Stereopanic, Electricube, Iliuchina, and of course Panayota himself. Prepare to blast yourself into a new dimension with some of the best twilight artists at this present moment…

Kaos Krew Records is proud to present their 8th digital release: VA – Nights of the Psychedelic Order (Compiled By Panayota)…

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