Thoruswrath – Infinity EP
Thoruswrath – Infinity EP
  • Release Date: 2014-03-28
$ 4.50

Thoruswrath – Infinity EP

Thoruswrath is the alias of Mexican prodigy Manuel Olmos. Born and raised in the fiery twilight stomping pits of Mexico City this young producer is well accustomed to the twisted punk-a-delic styles of Mexico’s thriving Psy trance scene. Since discovering Psy trance at the age of 14 he immediately fell in love with the more energetic side of the genre and persists to create powerful beats to satisfy his hunger.

Kaos Krew Records is oozing with excitement to introduce Thoruswrath and his latest 3 track EP titled Infinity. This triple slammer is fueled with high-octane power leads and titanic grooving bass lines perfect for twilight dance floors whose spawn scream for more power!!! Exploding with two original productions and a massive collaboration with the melodic mutant X-Avenger, this EP will detonate speakers and scorch amplifiers across the psychedelic universe…

Kaos Krew Records in association with Thoruswrath, is proud to present the label’s 42nd digital label release, Thoruswrath – Infinity EP.

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