Krox – Hard Style EP
Krox – Hard Style EP
  • Release Date: 2012-12-14
$ 3.00

Krox is the combined studio project by Oren Shavit aka Dissy, one half of Nature Disaster & Ziv Vainer aka Iron Madness, both from the motherland of psy trance, Israel. They are respectively accomplished producers and have produced many a great track. They now formed this act to further push their unique sound, one that can only be described as super phat and undeniably electric. They are currently hard at work in the studio, and are releasing their 1st artist EP as Krox on Kaos Krew Records this summer.

The worldwide psy trance scene is dominated by progressive and full on acts, music, festivals and the like, with not many organisers and producers deviating too much from the generally accepted norms. However in a world that is driven by change, it is inevitable for new exciting music styles and acts to come to the foreground.

This EP featuring 3 original crunchy tracks, perpetuates that growing trend, and here Krox is ready to blast you with an eclectic morning journey filled with smiles, summer vibes and absolute phatness… Are you ready for this new wave of epic awesomeness???

Kaos Krew Records in association with KROX is proud to present their 16th digital release of 2012: Krox – Hard Style EP.

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