Hoax – Frantic EP
Hoax – Frantic EP
  • Release Date: 2014-09-26
$ 4.50


Hoax , Thoruswrath

Dwayne Lucas, aka Hoax is one of the new wave of psychedelic producers born out of the night time/twilight scene that SA is so known for. With his signing in 2014 to Portuguese power label, Hypergate Records, releases this year on Hypergate, Psyology and now Kaos Krew Records, as well as his first international gig at Rounders Festival in Mexico, you know this young man means business. He has over the last few years under the watchful eye of some members of the Disasterpeace crew carved out a defiantly twilight sound meant for the very early hours of the morning, with eerie, dark atmospheres, razor sharp leads, searing percussion and energetic bass lines combining seamlessly to create sonic carnage.

This EP contains 2 highly infectious original tracks and a massive collaboration with one of Mexico’s finest young producers Thoruswrath, who in recent times had released his debut EP on Kaos Krew Records.

Kaos Krew Records in association with Hoax, is proud to present his newest EP & the label’s 50th digital release, Hoax – Frantic EP.

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