Jaws Underground – First Blood
Jaws Underground – First Blood
  • Release Date: 2013-12-20
$ 12.00


Jaws Underground , Alienn , Iliuchina , Z3ro ,

For the Parisian, Alexander Joly aka Jaws Underground, psy trance isn’t just a word, it is not one specific sound, and to spoil clichés, it isn’t a way of life either. It embodies an illustrious career that has spanned 5 artist albums, a plethora of EPs and a galaxy of collaborations with the best beat-tweakers the universe has had to offer over the last two decades. The label of pioneer isn’t one that is given to just anybody, however time and time again, Jaws Underground has delivered the goods to re-affirm this title! His sound could be classified by twilight compositions that are driven home with ambient atmospheric tones; European-esque industrial breaks and transitions that would make the phantom of the opera spit teeth with jealousy.

This psycho returns to form a full 9 track album designed to rekindle the audible love between good and evil. Kaos Krew Records are shaking with excitement to introduce First Blood, the long awaited masterpiece of an album by Jaws Underground… A 9 track destroyer that straps the listener into a go-cart hurtling through space and sound, being manipulated around each corner by classical arrangements and blood-dripping leads fresh from beheading those who resist the urge to groove!

Contained in this armoury is also a Jaws Underground remix of Alienn’s “Unlimited Force” as well as a take on Illuichina’s “The Black Dawn is Coming”, two remix’s so raw, you will need to leave them on a little longer… So wrap those knuckles, insert those mouth guards and roll over Beethoven, and prepare to bite down on some serious twilight thumpers!

Kaos Krew Records in association with Jaws Underground, is proud to present his 6th full length album and the label’s 36th digital release, Jaws Underground – First Blood.

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