Dissy – Disaster EP
Dissy – Disaster EP
  • Release Date: 2013-04-12
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At 29 years of age, Oren, who also forms part of the music production duo Krox, with his partner Ziv Vainer aka Iron Madness, is no rookie in the Psy Trance industry. Having released an album and numerous single releases worldwide with his previous duo project, Nature Disaster, on labels like DNA Records, Nexus Media and Ultravision, he has a keen insight into what is needed to cause havoc on any dance floor.

Hailing from the centre of Israel and having played in the UK, Portugal, India, Costa Rica and more, and very capable of using a wide selection of musical instruments which include guitar and keyboard, Oren is more than well-equipped and experienced to create an explosive energy at any event. Having previously released his debut Dissy EP, Open Fire on his native record label, Kaos Krew Records as a solo act, he brings you his second explosive Dissy EP.

A disaster is a natural, man-made or technological hazard resulting in an event of substantial extent causing significant physical damage, destruction or drastic change to an environment. It can also be defined as a catastrophic occurrence stemming from a single event and when left to the imagination, many images come to mind. One such instance, is the eruption of a dancing crowd to the single drop of a thundering bass line. It is a phenomenon seen as the consequence of appropriately managed risk that can cause damage to life and property. These risks are hazards that strike in areas with low vulnerability and become manageable disasters only if done sublimely. One such music producer is capable of doing exactly that, he is none other than Oren Shavit.

Kaos Krew Records in association with DISSY, is proud to present his 2nd artist EP and their 24th digital release, Dissy – Disaster EP.

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