Stereopanic – Digital Reality EP
Stereopanic – Digital Reality EP
  • Release Date: 2012-11-16
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Stereopanic – Digital Reality EP

Stereopanic is 25 year old Eric Molina, hailing from one of the crazier parts of Mexico… His music is characterized by the craziest breaks, build ups and synth progressions you will find worldwide and is known as one of the premier Mexican exports from the psychedelic scene.

In a world of technology, innovation, and constant change, we can argue that we are currently transposed within a digital reality, one consisting of mere 0’s and 1’s to create our ultimately perceived realities as individuals and as a species on this planet, managing, governing almost every aspect of our daily and future lives.

Without these 0’s and 1’s our realities would change in an instant, transforming the current perceived order to an absolute state of chaos, ultimately highlighting the need and our ultimate dependence like some kind of drug, for this self-imposed digital reality in which we seed our lives.

With this EP, Stereopanic showcases his perception of the chaos, and absolute madness that will ensue at the breakdown of the very fabric of these created and self-imposed systems & realities…

Kaos Krew Records is proud to present their 14th digital release of 2012, Stereopanic – Digital Reality EP.

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