Assassins – Dark Passenger EP
Assassins – Dark Passenger EP
  • Release Date: 2014-05-09
$ 13.00


Assassins , Gambit , Saibot , Menticide , Technodrome , Magneto ,

Assassins is the codename behind the innovative Israeli project formed by Arel Bank aka Saibot, originally from Warsaw in Poland, and Daniel Zelvansky aka Gambit, originally born in Russia.

After their debut EP on Kaos Krew Records in 2013, they have been hard at work in the studio to bring us an album that will showcase their full spectrum of work as Assassins and their respective solo projects. This release contains a selection of their finest work taking you on a twisted journey through the darker side of the full on spectrum of sonic delusion. An explosive concoction of powerful bass, razor edged leads, finely tuned percussion and clever arrangement, these two producers set out to create some sonic mayhem of the highest order.

Kaos Krew Records in association with Assassins, is proud to present their debut album & the label’s 45th digital label release, Assassins – Dark Passenger.

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