Shibass – Dance Floor EP
Shibass – Dance Floor EP
  • Release Date: 2013-09-06
$ 4.50

Shibass – Dance Floor EP

Shauli Shelach, aka ShiBass, always thinks ahead how to tailor his sets and productions for a truly integrated dance floor experience. ShiBass needs to connect with everyone in the crowd, those who are unfamiliar with his works and at the same time with his followers throughout the years. In 2005 as a Psy trance DJ he was captivated by its thrilling sounds and enchanting melodies, and continued broadening his track collection with tunes to fit his unique taste.

Not being totally satisfied by the final touch of his music collection, Shauli decided to take it to the next level – crafting, designing and tweaking sounds to his own style and taste. Producing and collaborating alongside artists such as Dapanji, Echo Logic, Technodrome and more in his homeland… In 2012 ShiBass was signed to leading Mexican label Biomechanix Records and is introduced to the world with his debut EP “Oforia”. Things started to roll for Shauli from that point on, and the world wide scene fell captivated with his unique, dance floor friendly and smart melodic style.

His new EP has aptly been named “Dance Floor”, a living tribute to his loyal fans throughout his musical journey, and his undying dedication to satisfying crowds of all kinds… A signature sound designed for an epic dance floor frenzy of tasty melodies and super phat bass lines, perfect for the seasonal revolution that will soon be summer, a reminder of the beauty and fun that surrounds us…

Kaos Krew Records in association with Shibass, is proud to present his newest EP and the label’s 32nd digital label release, Shibass – Dance Floor.

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