Neo Genetic – Corrupted By LFO EP
Neo Genetic – Corrupted By LFO EP
  • Release Date: 2012-07-06
$ 3.00


Neo Genetic , Remove

Neo Genetic is the solo project of Victor Kriskovich, born in the Ukraine, and currently residing in Israel. Genetically manipulating and altering your mind with his beautifully orchestrated and produced music is what this night time project is all about… Kaos Krew Records presents their 6th digital release: Neo Genetic – Corrupted By LFO EP.

This talented artist started his journey at the age of 13, when he first encountered the style of music known as Psychedelic Trance. He started producing music 3 years later, having gained a conceptualisation of the scene. As the years progressed and consequential studies in the fields of sound, music and the synthesis thereof, lead up to his debut single release in 2009 on a VA compilation. Victor’s 1st release made an immediate impact in the psychedelic trance music industry, moved by his different approach to what night time psychedelic music should sound like, adding in his own mixture of powerful banging bass lines, trippy breaks and moving build-ups that sending your body into a stomping frenzy. Inevitably he has had many releases on VA compilations since then and in doing so, created a signature sound he can call his own.

The Neo Genetic project can be described as a twisted hi-tek full on type of psychedelic trance, ranging from 145 to 148 bpm, with explosive and punchy bass lines complemented by deeper, darker atmospheres and fast hard hitting leads. Kaos Krew Records will be releasing his debut EP as an artist (featuring 2 original tracks and a Vs track with Remove from Dropland Records & Mechanik Records, all hi-octane dance floor weapons). Neo Genetic in collaboration with Kaos Krew Records is proud to present the Neo Genetic – Corrupted By LFO EP. Handle with care, extremely advanced explosives…

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