Dissy – Back To The Source
Dissy – Back To The Source
  • Release Date: 2014-09-15
$ 12.00


Dissy , R.E.L , Panayota , Krox ,

CONSCIOUSNESS Is Projected Intelligence. Source Is Not Separate From All Else – Source Is All Things, Manifest And Unmanifest. Metaphysical abstraction helps us to perceive the true nature of consciousness. Expanded awareness of what time, space and energy truly represent is crucial in correctly interpreting the workings of physical REALITY and the physical Universe. The magic lies in the premise that the Energy Consciousness of Divine Love extends its omnipresent nourishing influence across all Existence, progressively drawing us together as we evolve to the vibration of equality, in harmony (“Oneness”) with each other and the world around us.

Oren Shavit, aka Dissy is no stranger to the Psy Trance world, originally making his mark as part of the hugely successful Nature Disaster, a full on act from the motherland of psychedelic trance, Israel. After his last album “Take Control” on Biomechanix Records, Dissy decided to get back to his roots and is now bringing back that original vibe, energy and atmosphere that captivated Oren in the beginning. Add to that modern production techniques and an almost seemingly endless bag of tricks which has ultimately resulted in a masterpiece that is sure to set many a dance floor on fire.

This energetic album contains 9 blasting tracks, with a number of originals, collabs with R.E.L & Panayota, and a remix of a classic Bloodhound Gang track, that was originally remixed by him & Ziv Vainer as part of their collab project, Krox.

Kaos Krew Records in association with Dissy, is proud to present his newest album & the label’s 49th digital release, Dissy – Back To The Source.

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