CtrlZ3ta – Atomic Bomb
CtrlZ3ta – Atomic Bomb
  • Release Date: 2013-08-09
$ 12.00


CtrlZ3ta , D.N.I , Psycho System , Rematch ,

Ctrlz3ta is one of the most important Hi-Tech projects of Mexico and the world trance scene. Originally a duo project formed by Ricardo Morales Lopez aka Psikiatrik & Pablo Perez. They started in 2007 playing at parties all around Mexico exploring the new wave of the Hi-Tech style, and nowadays Ctrlz3ta is a very well-known element on every Mexico dance floor by their energetic beat and a particular Hi-Tech style showcased through their new material and sound. They have shared the stage with international artists like CPU, Sick Matutero, Psychotic Micro, Waio, Beat Hackers, X-Noise & Biogenesis just to name a few.

More recently Ricardo has become the driving force behind the project CtrlZ3ta, and has relentlessly worked on new material to blast a new path for his career in the psy trance scene. This new album further pushes his limits and cements himself as one of the Hi-Tech acts to keep an eye on…

The atomic bomb is just one type of nuclear weapon that derives its explosive output from singular or multiple fission reactions, whereby the nucleus of an atom is split into smaller parts by a fission neutron, producing free neutrons and photons in the form of gamma rays. This makes possible a self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction that releases energy at a very rapid uncontrolled rate in a nuclear weapon. Destructive capabilities that mankind were first made aware of during the 2nd World War.

The first digital album release on Kaos Krew Records is just such a weapon, one with immense destructive capabilities, while still maintaining its psychedelic appeal. Featuring 7 night time blasters by this Mexican destroyer, and a progressive taste of what he plans in the future. Enter into a plethora of intense high energy leads, twisting into a vortex of complexity, combined with cleverly written drops, designed to send any dance floor into an absolutely crazy frenzy…

Kaos Krew Records in association with Ctrlz3ta, is proud to present their 1st digital album release, Ctrlz3ta – Atomic Bomb.

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