MeditActive – Ancient Rituals EP
MeditActive – Ancient Rituals EP
  • Release Date: 2013-12-13
$ 4.50

MeditActive – Ancient Rituals EP

MeditActive is Francesco Oliveira. As most in the genre, Francesco’s calling beckoned from a tender age. Learning the principles of music through his trusted drum kit he began his journey. Along the way he began to experiment with electronic music and after attending his first trance party in 2004 it was evident to him that there was something special about this genre. The people, the energy, the connectedness of everyone involved inspired him to give birth to MeditActive.

With fast no holds barred arrangements paired with more melodic and lighter tones MeditActive transcends the barriers between full on night, and more sun soaked occasions making his tunes perfect for the sunrise hours. His unique blend of tribal rhythms and sonicly charged leads are all contributing factors to the success of this act. MeditActive has shared the stage with many high priests of psy trance such as Zinx, Demosys, Didrapest, Alienn, D-maniac, Konnektor and A-mush. Enough said…

Without further adieu, Kaos Krew would like to welcome this psychedelic shaman, armed with his latest EP, Ancient Rituals. This three track EP contains bass driven remedies for any sonic ailment. With choppy melodies, panning textures and euphoric leads, this dose of tribal medicine is sure to appease the forefathers of psychedelia.

Kaos Krew Records in association with MeditActive, is proud to present the label’s 34th digital label release, MeditActive – Ancient Rituals EP.

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