X-Avenger – Aedo EP
X-Avenger – Aedo EP
  • Release Date: 2012-10-12
$ 3.00


X-avenger , Bud Buster , System Sequence , Stereopanic

X-Avenger is Fernando Ventura aka Fevek Arveo, born in Mexico, and in early 2000 he first came across psy trance music. After being captivated by the music, he started his project in 2003 by listening to psy trance, deepening his connection to the psychedelic music world, with the variation of different sounds and deep atmospheres. This in turn ignited his interest in full blown production, and in 2005 released his first track called “Moonraker”. He kept experimenting with the sounds and creating new material, and in 2008 started working with renowned artists (nationally and internationally), which was a major catalyst for his very unique sound. Now a few years on, and he has genuinely come into his own as a worldwide recognized artist, with powerful tracks, filled with emotive soundscapes.

With his new EP he demonstrates that power and emotion with one crazy original production featuring Bud Buster, a VS track with System Sequence and a powerful remix by one of Mexico’s finest high tech psychedelic experts of Drop by Drop from a previous EP.

Kaos Krew Records is proud to present their 12th digital release: X-Avenger – Aedo EP.

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