Massive – Adults Only EP
Massive – Adults Only EP
  • Release Date: 2014-04-11
$ 4.50


Massive , Creactive

MASSIVE is the solo PSY TRANCE project of Davina Elle (SIRIUS ISNESS / DISTRICT42).

She started producing music in the year 2000 and released her first track as Sirius Isness in 2003.

Making her name as MASSIVE, she has become one of the most popular Psy acts in the world, playing at many of the top festivals across the globe. She is one of the best female DJ and LIVE acts, and has become one of the undisputed leaders in the female Psy trance community, creating her own tracks and teaching music creation at any level at the school she built in Ibiza.

Her first album “NOT AN ANGEL” released on Nutek Records was acclaimed all over the world during 2008. MASSIVE was back in 2009 with 2 brand new CD’s including her 2nd album, MASSIVE AND AMIGOS – “WELCOME TO THE FIESTA” released on Phantasm Records, and V/A – “CLASH”. By 2010 MASSIVE formed a new Project DISTRICT 42 (In collaboration with Bamboo Forest), a blend of trance and electro and released their album “WHEN TRANCE MEET ELECTRO” on SPUN Records.

In 2012 MASSIVE was proud to release her 3rd album “ONE MORE TIME” on Nutek Records. This album was a real dream, moving everyone on the dance floor and having one of the most powerful effects on party people the world over!!!

In 2013 MASSIVE returned with 3 new dance floor hits on an EP titled “FULL BLASTING”. MASSIVE presenting her new bass lines, juicy and solid, groovy with touches of melody and nicely warped with a massive dance floor appeal. POWERFUL, EMOTIONAL and SEXY music, MASSIVE is ready to rock the dance floor again with her fresh new EP “ADULTS ONLY”, MASSIVE Psy trance from IBIZA!!!

Kaos Krew Records in association with MASSIVE, is proud to present the label’s 43rd digital label release, Massive – Adults Only EP.

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