Drystortion is the solo live act of Christian Cervantes, born and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico. He started playing guitar during his teenage years and at the age of 18 he started his serious production journey. Christian, now 22, has in only a few short years become one of the hottest new acts on the international circuit and in Mexico, having released many tracks on compilations and EP’s on some of the best international psy trance record labels. He is also signed to Kaos Krew Records and Moon Crystal under his solo guise. In true artistic fashion, he has not stopped there, and has recently started a duo act, Unlimited with Mexican blaster, CtrlZ3ta, an act that has already been signed to {psy.ology} Records, with a debut EP already in the works.

Spectro Boy is the solo live act of Pako Rojas, from the city of San Luis Potosi in Mexico. After 5 years of experience with electronic music production and performing on stage around the country, Spectro Boy is now starting to fire on all cylinders. He aims to deliver a more professional sound and style, with quality and artistic expression his main focus. He is also a part of Moon Crystal Bookings, one of the biggest event organisers in Mexico.

These 2 youngsters have come together to showcase a new trend in Mexican night time trance, a more mature, flowing sound, with elements not normally associated with this part of the world, almost eclectic in nature, but still preserving all the power and skill you would expect, and more!!! This EP contains 3 epic productions designed for mass dance floor annihilation, showcasing their range in sound quite deftly. Be prepared for the unleashing of unmatched digital kaos…

Kaos Krew Records in association with Drystortion & Spectro Boy, is proud to present their brand new EP & the label’s 61st digital release, Drystortion Vs Spectro Boy – Unleashing The Digital Chaos EP.  Stay tuned for this digital release available from selected online music stores on 28th Aug 2015.

Cat No: KKD061

Format: Digital Download (MP3/WAV)

Release Date: 28th Aug 2015 (***2 WEEK BEATPORT / iTunes EXCLUSIVE***)


  1. Drystortion vs Spectro Boy – Iron Anarchy
  2. Drystortion vs Spectro Boy – The Keeper
  3. Drystortion vs Spectro Boy – Unleashing The Digital Chaos

All Tracks W & P By Christian Cervantes & Pako Rojas @ Drystortion & Spectro Boy Studios, Mexico.





Mastering By Christian Cervantes @ Drystortion Studios, Mexico.


You can buy the release here:


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