Kaos Krew would like to welcome 3 killer new acts to the Label.
Synthom, Live Act from Portugal.

Stay tuned also for a huge EP!!! coming soon from him.
Synthom’s music is groovy to the point of being infectious, funkadelic baselines with powerful leads and quirky melodies.

And 2 DJ’s from Australia, A super talented young DJ from Victoria Dirge, Having been in the scene only a couple of years, he has quickly shown he is force to be reckoned with. This guy actually breaths twilight!!!
And Abstrakt From Queensland, He has been playing Psy-trance since early in the millennium. A DJ who can ride just about any style, But is of course joining us to bring Kaos!!!

Synthom (Live)

Dirge (DJ)

Abstrakt (DJ)

We are happy to have you join us and hope your time with us is most enjoyable and productive for you all. FULL POWER!!!



    • Abstrakt

      I’m stoked to be a part of this trip 😉


      All aboard !!! Night Train … Lets do this brothers , with a huge honor and a great plesure . KAOS KREW TEAM


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