Kaos Krew Records was started in 2012 with the idea of releasing more high quality night time psychedelic trance at a time when the progressive flavour has been quite literally taking over, and amidst all this change in the greater industry, the original owners have succeeded in building a label that not only has exceeded that expectation, but also has become a home for some of the world’s top twilight and full on artists, with now more than 60 releases and counting under their belt, with many debut EP’s from some of the most promising artists today…

It has come as no surprise that at some point the management team would have to be beefed up to compensate for the ever growing operational requirements, and in Aug 2015 Don De Valle aka Dj Psyphoria was appointed to run the label from an international perspective and to assist in the major operational output over the years to come…

We would love to welcome Don to the team, and we hope that this appointment will assist you in your musical development over the years to come as well, and we look forward to working with you on many aspects of the label within the greater music industry.

Check out more info on the man himself here and have a listen to what he will be up to in the future >>>>


    • Dj Psyphoria

      Thanks guys, Its a great honour to be this involved with the label, and in turn the scene…
      Now we make it truly FULL POWER!!! Yesssssssss!!!! xD

    • Jack Sparow

      Awesome news guys, a big step forward… keep releasing those sick beats!


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