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Xatrik - Jungle Strut EP


Xatrik is the legendary twilight project of Gregory Hamber, one of the early pioneers at the turn of the 20th century to start creating the then new form of night time music that SA is now so infamous for… Originally he created his music with clever looping techniques, as well as early versions of sampling and sequencer hardware, and synthesizers. Even then Greg’s penchant for a phat groove was evident and is something that still is a discernable trademark of his current sound.

Greg was also one of the original “Valley” producers that eventually formed a part of Disasterpeace Records to showcase these unknown producers at the time… By then Greg had already released his first artist album Project A (2004). He went on to release his 2nd artist album Inside Information in 2007, as well as VA – Psionic Riot he compiled in 2009 for Digital Psionics. He also released 3 artist EP’s and numerous other singles on some of the best labels the psychedelic industry had to offer at the time…

Over the years he has become one of the most prolific and dynamic LIVE performers in Cape Town, playing almost every outdoor festival and event Cape Town has to offer, regularly smashing expectations and minds alike, continually pushing boundaries of sound design and arrangement. He is also known as one of the premier psy trance “teachers” in Cape Town, having successfully translated his vast production and performance knowledge into an intense production training course that will set any young producer on the right path to sonic success… Never resting on his laurels, he continues to develop these courses to include new concepts and techniques that he has perfected as he continues his journey in sound.

In 2013 Greg became a part of the massive Kaos Krew Records family and has some serious plans in store for the future!!! Watch the legend of Xatrik continue to grow beyond the future…

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