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THORUSWRATH AKA Manuel Olmos was born in 1990 in Mexico City. He came into contact with psychedelic music at a young age, however it was only after he became more interested in music as a whole and after learning more about the history of psy trance that he truly fell in love with the genre, and promptly started producing the music that so enchanted him…

In the years that followed, he carefully created his own style, incorporating the crazy sounds of acid, electric and serious bass lines, definitive changes in genre and bpm’s, interlaced with dark atmospheres & melodies all playing mind games with each other, creating those intense moments of madness and chaos intended for the twilight hours…

Since then he has gone on to release 4 artist EP’s, “Rock The House” on 2 Side Records, “New Beginning”, “Space Travel” on Popol Vuh Records, and “Infinity” on Kaos Krew Records. He has also participated on several VA compilations with Woorpz, Speed Sound Records, Biomechanix, Ataxia Corp and Kaos Krew Records, encapsulating the energy & passion on the thriving & fiery Mexican underground psy trance scene. In Nov 2014 he joined the Kaos Krew Records team, and it was not very long after he received an offer from Terror Lab Industries, and consequently joined their team as well, cementing his intentions for the future…

Manuel has not rested on his laurels, and already has a brand new EP entitled “I Am The Dominator” forthcoming on Kaos Krew Records, with a follow up EP planned for Terror Lab in the near future, with more new music imminent… So, be sure to keep an eye on this young man, as he continues to blaze a path of kaos throught the harder side of psychedelic trance!!!

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