Succumb is the night time full on project created by 23 year old luke lupton. originally born and bread in Spain he moved to Australia at the tender age of 12, 3 years later he was introduced to psychedelic trance and instantly fell in love with the high energy, love and unity felt throughout the scene.

Entranced and inspired by the captivating art of those dj’ing he begun his journey of playing music with by buying his first set of cdj’s at 16 years old, 3 years later he began his full on project, heavily influenced by artists such as deliriant, illiuchina, scorb & antispin.

He quickly gained confidence playing across local parties in the sydney bush land, supporting the psychedelic/full on scene . Succumb strives to deliver an original sounding mix using only his hands, ears and usb’s, he plays live to captivate his audience into a true state of trance.

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