DJ Space Meg

Jose Rodrigues was born in Oporto (Portugal) and following in his father’s footsteps, he began his musical journey at a young age (10). He already “played” with his father’s musical gear – vinyls, beat boxes, effects processor, mixing tables and turntables, awaking a distant attraction to electronic sounds, that would influence the years to follow. “Growing up I started attending trance parties, filling an unbelievable inquisitiveness of finding out more about the adrenaline of enraptured chaos that allows lots of people to dance” says Space Meg. A year later he was already giving his audience first tastes of his musical power and earning the qualities to become a leading DJ by hard work and discipline.

These days Space Meg is shaking dance floors everywhere, sliding smoothly across the melodic and the powerful aspects of today’s “advanced” trance music. Alongside initiating a course of Musical Formation and Composition and Professional Production, as well as his “baptism of fire” in musical production, a relationship with Mushy Records started, being the labels’ first representative on European ground, the label showed great faith for his work. In June 2007 was the release of the VA – Spring Break Compiled by Dj sPaCe MeG, edited by Mushy Records, presenting the work of great artists such as sPaCe MeG, In-Panic, Bubble, Mojo, Twilight, Monica Scream, Insomnia, Perlook and Yoti. sPaCe MeG has peformed at many great parties & festivals since 2005 and has played alongside the best national and international artists. Having a growing reputation for his musical vision, he is committed to the one thing that counts, and that is to let the people dance. In 2013 Kaos Krew Records, a passionate label from SA, recognized his talents, and ask him to join the family. With this new signing Space Meg intends to cement his career even further, and reach for the absolute perfection he has always aspired to…

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