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Shuumat - Break The Silence EP


SHUUMAT is the Portuguese producer Ruben Gato. He has always had a strong inclination for music, and at the age of 17 started playing DJ sets at a few parties in Portugal and Switzerland. After a few years DJ’ing, the Shuumat project was born in 2007. He started making electronic music with Cubase & Logic, reinforced by hardware integrated with soft synths geared towards seamless production. Now with his new studio fully established in Portugal, he continues his quest for the perfect level of production and creativity, finding new interesting sounds, new techniques and tricks to push his skills to where he ultimately envisions them.

At the end of 2012, he signed to the power house, Kaos Krew Records, from the southern tip of the African continent (SA), a country known for it’s intense love and pioneering role in night time psychedelia. Ruben wanted to accelerate his accent to perfection, and has since consequently released 2 artist EP’s on Kaos Krew Records and Fractal Records respectively, as well as a number of high quality VA tracks with some of the most established twilight labels on the planet. Big things are awaiting this driven and talented young artist!!!

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