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Shay Menachem aka “SHAMELESS” is a part of the well known “NATURE DISASTER” project. This talented producer and dj from the central part of Israel has now played almost 10 years as a dj/live artist at small and big indoor and outdoor psychedelic gatherings in Israel and around the world.

Around 2006 he started to produce by himself at his home studio and since 2008 he started working on the NATURE DISASTER project with Oren Shavit. A project that has become a big part of the scene worldwide after the release of their explosive “We Believe in Music” album released on DNA Records, followed up with numerous releases on compilations from top international labels like NEXUS MEDIA / ULTRAVISION / BEYOND LOGIC and more. As part of Nature Disaster he has performed in countries such as India, Nepal, England, Switzerland and a few more…

Since then Shay has been focusing intently on his new solo project SHAMELESS, became a part of the Kaos Krew Records family and released a host of international dance floor smashers in the form of 3 artist EP’s and a string of singles on various top labels around the world. This young man certainly is set to take the world by storm once more and continues working towards global domination as a front line production artist…

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