Roberto Manuel Martinez Cantu aka Roby was born in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon Mexico.

He began his career on the world of electronic music and the art of dj´ng at a young age,
Back in 2006 he start mixing psytrance, playing @ local events, raves and clubs.
sharing the stages with some of the best national and international artists of the scene.
Roby learn Music production and audio engineering stunning on a recognized school.

And begin to produce his own music in 2008 making his own path based on the Full on Night /Hitech psytrance music. With crunched leads , and sad melodies , mixing up the dark atmospheres  and agressive drops to hypnotize the audience on the dance floor.

His first Ep was ”Blue Kryptonite” with the EMl Rec (U.K) label. Roby also release tracks on some labels such us MMD rec, Neurotrance, Upnoize, Bioluminescence, Kaos Krew, Woorpz Recs, SpeedSound, Free minds , Ataxia. Nowadys is part of Dementia Society Recs (Mexico) and releasing a EP named ”Trancendent Man”  with T.C.N and soon a new one named ”Lsd Revelation”. In 2016 he become part as artist of the Spanish psytrance label Dropland Recordings, expect new releases and killer tracks soon

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