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Psychotic Micro

Psychotic Micro is back!!! Micky Lellouche – the man behind the project finally returns to us with smashing new surprises…

Micky started his way along Kobi Stavie in the year 2000, and released music in every possible major label at that time including Chemical Crew, Noize Conspiracy Records,Yabai, Acidance and many more… Being at the forefront of one of the major movements at that time, they played all over the world on the biggest of stages, along with some of the greatest psychedelic artists of our generation.

In 2009, the project came to halt when Kobi decided to leave the psy trance scene to pursue other ventures, and for more than 3 years Micky was experimenting, creating other styles and other music to bring new ideas to his arsenal.

Recently Micky decided to go back to his original passion, and started creating new Psychotic Micro music and he certainly wants to bring back the crazy energy of his raw and powerful performances back to the global stages with a fresh new take on psychedelic music, including some special surprises up his sleeve. He also recently became an official part of the ever growing global family that Kaos Krew Records has become, cementing his intentions on global domination once more…

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