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Outer Signal & Psychotic Micro - Psychotic Signal EP

Outer Signal

Outer Signal is Gil Stolar from Israel. He began his musical life as a drummer playing in all kinds of bands. His affair with psy trance production began while traveling to one of the original psy mecca’s, Goa (India) in 2003, where he started DJ’ing and making music. The Outer Signal project was only formed in 2005, originally as a duo, and in 2009 they released their highly anticipated debut album ‘Fabric Of Space’ on 3D Vision Records, an album that propelled them to massive international acclaim in a very short space of time.

Since then the duo have gone their separate ways and Gil released his first solo release ‘Psy Fi Travel EP’ on mega US label Mechanik Records in 2013. In 2013 he also joined forces with the ever growing Kaos Krew Records family, with a super fresh collaboration EP with legendary Israeli act Psychotic Micro released soon after, as well as 2 further artist EP’s on Mechanik Records and a handful of massive singles released on various important psy trance labels.

The Outer Signal sound is certainly also very well travelled, with Gil having performed in some of the hottest locations on the planet, including tours to Japan, South Africa, Portugal and Mexico, to name a few of his favourite places he has visited in recent years. His production resume is also very impressive, having done collaboration tracks with some of the very best full on artists this planet has to offer, incl. Absolum, Concept, Tickets, Digital Talk, Dapanji, Mesmerizer, Massive, B-55, Bliss, Psychotic Micro, Z3ro & Shameless. Gil is more determined than ever to continue with his brand of high octane full on music, so expect some more massive things as he steps into the future of hi tech music and carves out the next chapter in his already legendary career…

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