Mirror Phase

Cape Town based producer, Robert Macdonald aka Mirror Phase started his journey into electronic music production during the 1990’s and 2000’s, under the influence of the exploding trip hop, industrial and ambient scenes, before discovering the vast sonic possibilities of psychedelic trance. Developing an instant obsession, he honed his production skills in this genre for nearly a decade, during which he produced a number of tracks for local DJ’s and compilations, including the legendary Microdot Music.

In 2017 he was introduced to one of the label partners, some music was exchanged and subsequently released his first official artist EP on Kaos Krew Records with great success, with a follow up scheduled immediately for the beginning of 2018. This was to be the start of a new chapter in his mysterious journey… In April 2018 he released his “Reflections” Ep, one that has made a mark on his new label, a definitive new direction and venture into a more daytime style of psychedelic music… The further exploration of ideas, a revolution of music!!!

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