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Micromax is 25 year old Israeli producer Tamer Azim, one of the new-generation twilight and night time psychedelic artists to come from this long time psychedelic mecca… He started producing his own music in 2012 after a serious introduction to this music and under the careful and in-depth tuition of legendary Israeli twilight producer, Panayota, one of the most traveled night time artists on the planet… It is no wonder that with the right introduction and brimming talent that Tamer has now started maturing into a serious talent to look out for over the next few years, with his debut EP released on one of Portugal’s leading homegrown labels, UP!Noize Records just a few months ago, and a massive 2nd artist EP on his new resident label, Kaos Krew Records, an offering with a maturity ahead of its time…

His style ranges from 142 to a blistering 147 BPM, with elements of a very psychedelic and melodic nature molded seamlessly into a very powerful package, rounded off with huge driving bass lines and super crisp percussion. He is also one of those truly forward thinking producers experimenting with sounds not generally associated with the genre, ultimately creating a very fresh take on a genre that has seen many Israeli’s come and go before him… This young man is set to take the world by storm for sure!!!

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    • Iman Hagman

      Just heard “Save Time” off of Konnektor’s new compilation album. Let me say that I ABSOLUTELY love blasting this song in my car. Such great production and ideas. Please keep producing more kickass music Tamer. You da man!

      (an Iranian residing in USA)


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