Mechanical Dialect

Mechanical Dialect is a brand new psychedelic project by Tamer Azim aka Micromaxx. He has been producing full on music for 6 years as Micromaxx, released a number of tracks and EP’s around the world, and in the last few years performed shows in a number of European countries, cementing his way forward as one of the new wave producers taking dance floors by storm in 2018 and beyond. His style ranges from 142 to a blistering 146 BPM, with elements of a very psychedelic and melodic nature molded seamlessly into an all powerful package, rounded off with driving bass and super crisp percussion. His debut EP as Mechanical Dialect will be released on Kaos Krew Records celebrating a new signing and direction for artist and label alike, with massive future plans in store from this melodic genius, keep watching this space!!!

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