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Jaws Underground

JAWS UNDERGROUND is Alexandre Joly from France, currently one of the most active psy trance producers in Paris. In 2005 he created his Jaws Underground project, a fusion between night full-on and psychedelic, and consequently signed with Pete The Moon Label soon after.

Between 2007 & 2009 he released 3 albums, in 2007 his 1st album “Lost in The Sound” with full-on influences and in 2008 his more psychedelic offering “Algorythme”, both on Pete The Moon Label. His 3rd album “Face To Face” in 2009 was released with Psycore Records.

In 2010 he signed his 4th album “Still Alive” to Geomagnetic Records and also worked on his new band project with Thomas Bivaud aka Mesmerizer, “The Clones” with a maxi EP on Dropland Recordings called “Elektro Rush” as well as a collaboration EP with Cortex “Psychick” on Geomagnetic Records.

In May 2012 he released his 5th album “Frontier(s)” with Geomagnetic Records as well as an EP “For A Few Beats More” with newly established label, Profound Records (India). He has also released tracks with other well established labels such as Fractal Records, Moon Spirit Records, Millenium Records, Planet Ben Records, Sindar Productions, Boundless and Materia Records, Bom Shanka Music & Hypergate Records, and in the process collaborated with artists such as Safi Connection, A-Mush, Cortex, Phonic Request, Mesmerizer, Micro Scan,C.S.X, Braindriver, System Sequence and many more… In the beginning of 2013 he found a new home with Kaos Krew Records, a fast growing label from SA, and since then has released 3 new EP’s, as well as his 6th studio album, “First Blood”, a masterpiece that encompasses all his experience over the last decade…

Jaws Underground has performed his LIVE act at many parties and festivals all over the world including countries such as Korea, Canada, England, Italy, Belguim, Germany, Austria, Portugal & Ireland, and performed alongside Digital Talk, Talamasca, Analog Pussy, Electrypnose, Hyper Frequencies, Man with No Name, Mesmerizer, Biogenesis, Deliriant, Juno Reaktor amongst other well established artists… This man is the real deal and his career has been a long and intense one, and even after he has done so much in psy trance as an artist, he remains hungry and dedicated to his craft, so be rest assured that Jaws Underground is certainly cooking up something new in the depths of his studio, ready to unleash the madness within a heartbeat’s notice…


    • K-BAN

      all hail AWESOME PSYTRANCE! thank you man! I been buying all your albums ;D

    • Dj Psyphoria

      Jaws is the master of night time blasting!!!


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