Invers – ‘opposite or contrary in position, direction, order, or effect…’
You must look within to see without.

Invers is a project dedicated to bridging the gap between night and day as well as providing full-power meditation for the daytime.
When night passes and we have journeyed deep into the self, we gather all of our fragments and begin our daylight dance..
and there is no better way to begin that process than Psychedelic Trance..

Mike is the face behind ‘Dirge’ – a reputable twilight Psytrance project signed to well-established labels MMD Records and Kaos Krew Records from Cape Town, South Africa.
Inspired on countless dancefloors through-out Australia by both twilight and morning/day full-on, Mike was compelled to start another project dedicated solely to the day in order to complete the transformative process.

Combining flawless mixing with intuitive tune selection as well as a watchful eye for what crowds want and need, it won’t be long before Invers is a name that many know and love.

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